Do you think beautiful people shouldn't be so boostful?

After reading a mytake of a user that says how to look like them, it occured to me that some individuals are flaunting what is essentially a genetic lottery something handed to them.
Sure they exercise and diet to "maintain" the appearance of beauty, but lets not forget the foundation they work on was handed to them.
Rant over...

  • they should have more humility
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  • Maybe it was per request? Not necessarily how to look just like them, but rather a particular aspect?
    I don't know, but hope it's not bothering you too much anymore


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  • I don't mind people advertising what they have, it only annoys me if it's false advertising or if it's too insistent and repeated. Sure they aren't responsible for their good fortune, whatever that means, but not taking advantage of it is just stupid. Like not cashing your lottery winnings because you didn't earn the money.


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  • Yeah I have seen this a few times and think to myself , if they pat themselves on the back one more time they will dislocate their shoulder

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