What is an indication that a girl is using a guy?

I just saw a picture of a relatively unattractive guy next to an attractive girl (profile pic). Not dating.

First thought: yup she's using him.

It's interesting our brain is conditioned to think a particular way, whether or not that's true


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  • Pretty sure we're all always using each other.

    Her being significantly better looking might as well mean that he is great with that tongue.

    • You mean he speaks well?

      But when you really like someone you don't use them. You actually care about them.

      You know the interesting part, is that when a girl likes a guy who is ugly, everyone thinks there's something special about the guy for her to like him, or she's a slut whose using him.

      When a guy likes an ugly girl, people actually look up to the guy saying wow he must have a clean heart for liking an ugly girl

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    • When I marry someone, I want him to think he is lucky to have me, and would never want someone else. I can't marry a guy who is attracted to women who are successful because my family played such a strong part in me declining Universities with terrific programs, that I didn't get a shot at my life.

      I realize now how unfair the world is, and how times are changing. I often wonder whether getting married young is a bad choice because I will be unloved by the guy I marry (hopefully not).

      I wish I could go out and be an activist for women being allowed to attain an education. You just gave me a great idea.

    • Most men will feel lucky to have you for who you are to and with him. Not because of what society thinks.
      Not that we dislike other people being jealous of our awesome girlfriend mind you.

      Enjoy the great idea. In the end making him laugh will matter more than your education though. So don't sweat it.

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  • What makes you think that there's no way that a girl who's attractive just so happens to actually be interested in a guy who's relatively unattractive?
    Lets not forget that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. He might not be so bad looking to her, plus not everyone finds their significant other according to their levels of physical attractiveness.

    • Because they are not of the same status, she has better education than him

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    • Yeah that's true. But why would someone who already has class go for someone who is lower in that hierarchy, doesn't make sense.

    • appearance is not related to class. That kind of opinion, 'don't date below your class' is ironically enough held largely by who would be known as complete snobs in society. Other than that, amongst the filthy rich, you're open to date essentially whomever you want aside from hobos or something.

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  • my first thought would be money. this will upset a lot of women, but money speaks. There are tons of rich old men who are with sexy younger women because they want his cash when he pops his clogs.

    • But they're the same age, give or take. And she's got a better degree than him. Doesn't make sense

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    • Out of curiosity then, do men realize women are like this? Because a lot of guys seem truly into their girlfriends, so do they be with them knowing that the girl is partially into him because of the money

    • it depends, I've been with women who really dont care about money or gifts etc. but most of the girls I've been with have been money grabbing c****. Obviously i liked them enough to be in a relationship with them, but at some point i realised they loved the cash more than they loved me.

      Its partially my fault i guess as i like to treat my girlfriends and make them feel special, so maybe i attract women who like being spoiled and who love the money. The problem is when they start to expect the gifts.

      As i said, not all women are like this but a lot of them are.

  • He doesn't do anything with you other than sex (fwb), without actually using the F part

    • I doubt it. He seems coming from a conservative family.

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