Any suggestions?

So i have been into languages for a while, I love learning languages and speaking different languages with friends from across the world.

English isn't my mother language but i really enjoy it. What are some fun ways/chatrooms/apps to talk to people in a different language that isn't an adult dating app? Like i have no problem talking to men/women who are older but i dont want to get weird messages and -18year olds are not allowed on there.. So any fun suggestions? would be very much appreciated :)


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  • There are different language exchange sites on the net. One I've used is called "interpals". Most people are just on there looking for language exchange pals, to teach and learn from. I did get some messages from guys looking to flirt, but I also found some decent partners who spoke the languages I'm looking for and wanted to learn my native language (English). And you can change settings to only allow messages from people in a certain age group, or location, etc.

    • Thanks :)! I will have a look at that site now, I have used Hellotalk before which was also a good help but not always as active

  • The only one I can think of is omegle. com


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