Drinking and consent?

I've always praticed never sleep with a drunk girl because it's morally wrong. But here is were the confusion for me comes in. If both parties are drunk and with being intoxicated but still both are wanting to have sex. How does the consent rules work here?


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  • Here's the thing. Sex is not a passive event. At least one person has to be actively participating in order for it to happen. So just remember that.

    Now, here's my understanding. Drunk sex is not rape, as long as both parties want it. What IS rape is when one party is so drunk that they cannot resist or defend themselves, maybe even be unconscious. So the other party basically forces themselves on the one who is impaired.


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  • As long as a person isn't passed out from drunkness and they consent then it is consent. If you drive drunken, you get punished for doing so as well. Deal with potentially doing stupid decisions while being drunk or don't get drunk to begin with.

    That being said any decent person out there would rather not have sex with a full-on drunk person while being sober themselves.


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  • Sometimes there is no verbal consent but consent with actions, you'd be able to know.


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  • The man is the rapist.
    What a dumb question.
    "Sir did you have a penis at the time of sexual contact?"
    "Take him away!"

    • It's never happened more so just wanted to know. I've started drinking again after my breakup and been to afew parties. Haven't landed in this situation yet but it seemed like a gray area nobody talked about.

    • I'd be very careful man.
      I was joking, but a lot of policies and people subscribe to that viewpoint.

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