Have you ever seen an old friend and it really bummed you out to see how they turned out?

I said an old middle school friend of mine the other day and he was never a good kid or anything but seeing him bummed me out. He looked like a straight up junkie all twitchy and stuff and it just really bummed me out. Has anyone else seen anything like this?


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  • yes I have. It's very sad :(


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  • Yeah, I just saw a dude that I went to middle school with that was 21 yet looked like he was 42 years old due to "shit".

    But naw I wasn't surprised since all that nigga did was party, smoke ___ and drink 😂😂😂. So I kinda expected him to look like a beaten dog.


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  • I am concern where you live? You seem to live in a bad area or something haha! Just something I notice!

    • What how so?

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    • Nothing wrong with being innocent as long as you don't let people take advantage of you and of course know what's out theee

    • i know... I need to see the world! Too young and living off my parents! unless i plan to be homeless...

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