What is an Ethernet Port?

I'm staying at a hotel for a couple weeks and I need wifi for my phone and laptop. However, they said there is no wireless but there is an Ethernet port in each room.

Does this mean I need an Ethernet cable if I want wifi? What kind? How do I connect my phone to the Internet? Where can I buy them?

Please help, I'm technologically inept and Google is confusing!


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  • Just go to a techno stuff store and ask for ethernet cable. You should have probably seen the computer entrance of the cable but never paid attention. The entrance looks like a medium sized rectangle with a small rectangular bump under it. Hard to explain lol.

    • And hence you connect with a cable, you can't connect your phone to the internet however there are third party apps like connectify that turns your computer into a wifi Hotspot.

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    • lol 😁 thats something :D anyways you can ask me if you have any problems or questions with it

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  • An ethernet cable is where you plug your phone or wifi modem or computer to get the internet. So just look at you wall outlet at home to see what it looks like. Your laptop should have an ethernet port so all you need is an ethernet cable form the wall outlet to your laptop andconnect straight to the internet without wifi. Your phone however will probably not have an ethernet port and requires wifi or mobile data to connect to the internet. I wouldn't suggest bringing your wifi modem to connect with the ethernet. I would rather just buy a portable wifi modem which requires no wires and you simply turn it onand then just use your wifi on your phone as normal.

    • oh and by phone in my first sentence. I meant your home phone.

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    • oh. yea the cable is really cheap. but you can't connect ethernet to your mobile phone. you can just use your laptop for internet and just use phone for messaging.

    • Well I can go on gag on my laptop and also Facebook and Skype and email. I guess I don't really need my phone for all that.

  • It means you can't get wireless internet but you can connect a Ethernet cable from the port to your computer to get internet. In other words you have to connect via a the ethernet cable and you can't use WIFI at all because there is none. To buy and ethernet cable just go to your local shop that sells computers, tvs and that sort of stuff they will have them there.


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  • The fuck you stayin girl? Hotel California? ("Haven't had that spirit here since 1969...")

    I mean, I have TWO ethernet cables ::GASP home alone face:: but I am also 1001 years old and I took my driving lessons on a dinosaur.

    -- PLAN A --

    Can you tether your lappy to your phone?

    Like, phone gets cell signal, then allows computers to hijack signal as faux-"wifi".

    This is almost certainly an OPTION on your phone, although it might be $$ depending on the plan. Check yr plan.

    If you have this, just use this. This is the year 2016. I actually do internet speed tests (yes really #hopelessnerd). My tethered phone internet is, on average, about 10-15 times as fast as hotel wifi.
    That's factor of 10 to 15. Move decimal point. Five second d/l versus one minute d/l.

    Probably won't be faster than ethernet, but still might. Still totally might. Lot sof ethernet connections date back to MY time. Dinosaur driving school.


    --- PLAN B ---

    First, no, really, check plan A again. You should be able to tether. The only point against, there, would be if you use an unholy shitload of data and tethering=$$$. Check rates.

    If plan A really, really, REALLY, you swear to me, will not work:

    If you are lucky, you will just need an ethernet cable, and it will snap into the back of yr laptop.

    If you are unlucky, you may have to buy a cable and an "ethernet card".

    If you are very, very unlucky, you may have to buy a cable, an "ethernet card", and an external hookup/connector thingy because the card doesn't go anywhere in your lappy.

    Honestly, if you are not behind door number 1 here, "get a new hotel" would be the best advice. This can't be the only place in town.