Do you think interstellar space travel is as stupid as the hover car dream in the 80s?

Yes we can see objects into space. But we humans our body simply isn't meant for space travel.

List of problems from long term space living.
1-Bone and muslce will be reduced over time unless you do a special nasa workout (Not a joke)
2-Fluid shift problems considering there is no gravity.
3-Too much space radiation
4-Inner ear and balance problem
5-Spine will stretch over time. (3% taller) (((The growth spurt happens because microgravity allows the squishy spinal discs between vertebra freedom to relax and expand — almost like relieving pressure on a spring. It takes a few months to return to normal height after they get back to Earth.)))
6-Screws up your immune system
7-Odd sleep cycles
8-If can damage your psyche. Remember human body and mind ISN'T meant for outerspace.

Second group of problems is how you go about traveling
-Anti gravity drives are madeup science-tech that go against the laws of physics. Basically they will NEVER exist.
-Star trek shields are silly fantasy as well.
-Warp drives even if created are insanely dangerous. One, just one little hit from a space rock would kill all 2,000 crew members.
-You can't control wormholes. The universe isn't an XYZ grid
-Speed of light travel needs infinite energy

Third problem is energy
-The amount of energy needed for many tasks is impossible to create because one would most likely need infinite energy or something more powerful than the sun.


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  • going too space is fine living there is stupid

  • We might be able to send off a 'space ark' which could robotically deploy a human population carried as genetic material but that's about it.