Letting online people down gently?

Okay. So from time to time I get these messages from chicks saying "ur hot" or "I really like your words and things." I'm paraphrasing. Though, I also got one recently who said this "you are hot?" Literally, with a question mark... What does that even mean? For the ones with horrid grammar and insufficient syntax, or are just "hi" I just ignore. But, the more regular women who have brains, I don't want to be a dick to. ... Even though I'm pretty much an asshole, anyway.

This is what she said:

"I read some of your posts and found them incredibly interesting. . . Decided to add you upon seeing how much we had in conmon. You really are a great story teller :)

And, you're good looking. Just had to put that out there."

Now, maybe I'm just assuming things here. But it's happened enough that I'm pretty sure this isn't just a friendly gesture. Otherwise why add the "you're good looking" part? She's looking for something, no? I really don't want to be that person that just assumes that everyone is hitting on them. I hate that with girls I talk to sometimes who just instantly assume I'm interested in them. Absolutely hate it. But, I guess I'm starting to understand why they feel that way. -.-;;

So, any suggestions on how I can not be a dick? She's not very good looking--though not unattractive--or interesting, or else I would just ignore her or say "Thanks. You're good looking, yourself." Should I just lie? But I really don't want to. Then she might misunderstand that, too.

Chicas, I imagine you have had some practice with this sort of thing. How can I not be a dick, acknowledge her compliments, but not come off as if I'm interested in her?

If I don't want this to keep happening, should I just take down my profile picture? I usually like it, because it puts a face to content. But it also solicites other kinds of interest.


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  • Mate... they offered a compliment... just flow... but while flowing... let them know you aren't. Plus if you are more about looks and they are more about personality... you can use that. just let em know.

    • What do you mean by flowing.

  • "I am hot but you aren't so"