What can I talk about with girls at a bar?

When they approach me, they ask the usual "do you come here often?" "what do you do for work?"

Is that what I should ask them?

What about to get the really hot girls that might be bored with that type of conversation?

What could spice things up a bit?

Is there such a thing or am I searching for something that doesn't exist?


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  • Just keep on asking about things either about them or something related to them.

  • You have to come up with stuff to say that's from your own head or else it won't work well. Personally I would just say whatever is on my mind... eventually a girl has to be interested, right?

    • what kind of stuff would be on your mind?

      The "pros" repeat the same lines over and over, but maybe that isn't reality...

    • The "pros" are also "hot" and of course they'll get laid easily.

      Random thoughts on my mind, random questions, I dunno. Asking questions is a good way to converse. Not necessarily personal questions but maybe questions about life or opinion or whatever.

    • I could be hot to the right person and if I dressed well... I notice that most people at bars are there with people they already know...

  • "What's something you want that you don't have?"