Girls, help please?

So, its kinda awkward for me to ask this but I need some help with it...
anyways, I've always shaved my sensitive parts, but now I think, I should stop shaving coz when it grows its really ichy, stronger, darker and annoying as hell and I get tired of it :/ I went to get a cream that you put before an hour and it makes that part of your body numb for a period of time, like those ones they use when you will put a tattoo BUT they told me I need a paper from a DOCTOR to allow me use it.. And I was like Great -_-
So girls, you have any solutions? Do you know some good numbing creams that are for hair removal? Hmmm, and I tried removing it with the hair removal" machine " but I couldn't continue, its really hurts.. You have any other methods for it?
Thanks for those who try to help, I will appreciate it :)

Only one, opinion... no one else? :/


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  • Nair Bikini Zone. w.