Can you walk up the grand staircase in Buckingham Palace?

I toured Buckingham Palace a few years ago, but no one walked up the Grand Staircase; has that changed?

Because in the documentary "Diamond Queen" people are seen doing it, as seen at 27:28 in episode 2 - direct YouTube link here (doesn't seem to work - but episode 2 of "Diamond Queen" is on YouTube, and these aren't people that are invited by the Queen, but people that have bought tickets to tour the palace):


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  • You could probably run up it even if it's forbidden. Remember it's not America, they don't fill you full of lead for putting a foot wrong over there. lol

    • :)

      They would just shove a police baton in me and it would play merry hell with my liver, because it would have a side handle :)

      (those that have never seen the fantastic British sitcom "Bottom" probably don't know what the heck I'm on about)

      But if they've opened up the palace more than my list of why I should visit London again just got a tad longer (besides being a beautiful city) ... and I have no idea why my YouTube video didn't show, but probably since I'm very low on posts :)

    • That's true, I'd choose a baton over a bullet any day though. I only stayed in London a few days but I could dig it.

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