If you're Turkish, which race box you check in America?

I'd check Middle Eastern if it's there, but sometimes it isn't. What is it then? Asian? White? I've mostly seen people checking White - Other and writing in "Turkish".


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  • Pick white if you are pale enough.


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  • Turkey is in Africa, no? Or is it in Asia? Geography isn't my strong suit.

    • It's next to Greece

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    • Other might be your best bet, but you could do Asian or Middle Eastern if they have it. They don't do that where I live so it's completely foreign to me.

    • And yeah, it's next to Greece. Such lovely neighbors.

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  • I would say other and write Turkish.


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  • I'd just write in "other". If you aren't given the right option, don't pretend you are something you aren't because it will mess up the way the government tries to look at things which lead to laws.

    For example, if black people selected "white", how would we ever know that blacks need assistance in certain areas where white's do not?

    • I'm not quite sure what I am. I'm kind of white passing if I'm not already white. Thanks to my grandpa's genes, I have tan skin. The family has a diverse range of phenotyphes from I Just Got Off From Mayflower to Madison Hemmings.

      As far as I know, the only certain Asian heritage I have is 1/16 Tatar from my mom's side.

    • I'd just select other or mixed race? I don't think they are interested in the shade of your skin as much as the culture you are a product of. I've known some SUPER pale Mexicans. My best friend is Mexican and other Mexicans make fun of her for being "white". BUT, she doesn't check the "white" box, she checks the "latin/mexican" box.

      It really just serves the purpose of helping our government identify the differences in races, to see how we can improve our society and services it provides to people.

    • I think I'll just choose other. And not Middle Eastern, if possible. They could assume I'm a Muslim.