Is 4 people wishing you a lot?

For your birthday I mean. On Facebook


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  • Depends you have a lot of friends or not. If you have 5 friends and 4 said happy bday the yea. But if you have 300 than no sorry...

    • How pathetic on a scale of 1-10 if I have almost 300

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    • I counted wished 5 people in the whole year none of them wished me

    • Sorry to hear that. But as we get older we find out who are true friends are. High school relationships end. You realize you have different goals in life. Some friends might hold you back. You'll make new friends. Just a matter of time

  • Nah bro that shit is depressing.

    • What shit

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    • 300 people. Most are from school. No relatives no real friends. For some reason I'm not that affected

    • I wished 5 people in the whole year, none of who wished ne

  • Yes it's a fine number. One year I had zero friends wish one a happy birthday on face book. It was depressing.

    • People are so fickle. I have over 200 friends and now realize they are nothing to me

    • Don't take it personally. It's possible that your closest friends weren't checking Facebook around the time your birthday was coming up, and therefore they missed it. I think that's what happened with me the year I got zero b-day wishes. I have over 250 friends.

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