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Would u rather kiss an alpaca on the teeth for 2 minutes while moving ur lips with it.. ... or...
Be put into a coffin with 1 long leg spider for 30 seconds?

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  • I'll take the spider please. I actually keep tarantulas so have no fear of spiders what so ever.

    • Ur blessed if u fear no spiders...

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    • TY for MHO :)

    • Ur welcome:)

Most Helpful Girl

  • I love spiders, put 10 in there. Lol

    • Haha I wold rather fall into the ocean and swim with sharks than have a spider anywhere that close to me... eww

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    • @Small-God-Om
      What kinds do you own? I've had a few over the years, a cobalt blue, a rose hair, a Goliath and a pink toe. The pink toe was my favourite though.

    • I have a euthalus sp. blue (blue beauty), a G. rosea (chilean rose), a Pterinochilus murinusan (OBT), a Avicularia avicularia (pink toe) and a p. vittata (ghost ornamental)

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  • Just gross