Should I shave/trim my beard (and hair) today or should I do it after the new year?

So I'm not digging my look like I use to and after debating it for a month I feel like its time for a change...

But should I do it after new years and end the year with this look (because I doubt I'll ever look like this again)... or should I find the energy to switch it up today and enter 2016 as something different?

***feeling very lazy & apatheitc***

  • get motivated, do it today
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  • sounds like your not feeling it today... wait a couple days because you don't want to mess your shit up because you weren't in the mood to put in effort.
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If I get over 20 votes for this trivial BS I'll do whatever is the highest percentage...


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  • do it today and start the new year with a new look ;)

    • I might if g@g motivates me...

    • My new look sucks, I fucked my shit up...

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