Awkward question... Apple Ipad?

So my boyfriend's family let me have one of their old iPads. It's connected to their Kindle, Hulu, and Netflix accounts.

They told me that I should feel free to use all of those accounts at my leisure.


They logged out of most of the things on the iPad and told me that if I came across something they hadn't logged out of (sans the kindle/hulu/netflix) to go ahead and log them out and enter my own information.

So I did that for Facebook and other social media apps...

Except I've never had an iPad before and my boyfriend's email is still logged in. I'm not super tech savy so I'm having trouble finding out how to log out of his email?

I'm sure that sounds silly but I can't find it. I keep getting notifications for his email - nothing personal, just adds, but still. Anyone know how to log out? There's not an account button like on the computer? And no, I've not been reading his email lol but every time I access the account to look for how to log out I think it marks the most recent email as "read" lol

He's out of town now so I can't ask him.

It's a gmail account, which I have as well, but I've never used the iPad before and I can't find the log out button?


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  • Any Apple reseller will help you


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