Wtf is wrong with him? Is this normal behavior for guys?

So I met this guy on a pre-party that a friend of a friend was hosting. Or "met" isn't the right Word since we did talk at all, he didn't even look at me.

But the following day he messaged me, and this is basically how the convo went:

Him: what's up?
Me: not much, what's up?
Him: not much. Wanna come over and watch a movie tonight?
Me: sorry, I can't
Him: how about tomorrow?
Me: I probarly should have mentioned this straight away, but im actually dating someone
Him: ?
Me: well I dont think he Would be happy if I came over to your place
Him : Who is he?
Me: you dont know him, he lives in another city
Him: what is he gonna do about us hanging out? Nothing im assuming..
Me: not to be rude, but thats non of your business

It Just sounds like he is this arogant and self absorbed guy Who is an idiot basically.. wtf is wrong with him? Why so guys like him excist? ?


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  • It's the lowest type of guy ever. I had one incident with a guy like that saying something similar to my ex while we were dating. I couldn't handle it in a civil way so, I had to give him one hell of a beating. Now that I think about it, neither him or her were even worth it.

    People like this will always exist so long their a certain success ratio. Look around you and whenever you find a girl who cheated know that it was one of these guys succeeding usually.

    • But what do you think is his problem? does he really think he can get me and the only thing he needs to do is message me on Facebook asking me to hang out? Is he really that confidence or Just socially retared?

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    • What an asshole... he did the same things to my friends so im sure its noyæt only because im not worth it.. in addition he is really short, fat and unattractive so I dont understand where he gets the confidence from to be honest

    • You'll be surprised. Girls say all the time that the most attractive thing in a male is confidence. And as I said if he has succeeded before, that will naturally give him the necessary confidence. The best thing you could do is not cheating, not making him succeed and just ignoring him totally. I liked how you replied back to him with telling him that it's none of his business and since it's not like a close person to you, you don't need that person in your life. This guy is also a coward. He showed it to you in a way between the lines but me being a guy, I can see it. See when he asked you who's the boyfriend? What he's trying to know is if your boyfriend has a solid reputation or is strong enough to make him suffer consequences. The situation I had, the guy literally asked my ex "How is he when he gets angry?" and "If he gets angry, is he going to be angry on you or on me?" The vast majority of these guys are total cowards, they just don't show it to the girl.

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  • This guy sounds like he definitely has a thing for you and didn't care about your feelings at all that you had a boyfriend! That's someone you definitely need to stay away from


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