If I want to work at least 10 hours a day, is it better to get 1 job waiting tables, and work hard so I get more shifts, or get 2 or 3 jobs?

Should i focius on one waiting job and weork on getting more shifts, or just start out dividing the 9 hours between two or three different jobs.

its just having one jobmeanms less travel which saves me time. but i want to make money as quickly as possible so i can start studying. not surwe what is a better tactic. I am pretty sure having one job will resuilt in my being a better worker bc ill be most focused. but having more shifts immeduately weill resault in more monery. do places ever start off giving you two shifts a day?

i want minmum 9 hours a day in a job where ill be moving around. i dont have a degree. i also dont have official experience with waiting so ill have to start as a busser which means less money. but i learn quick i work hard i have a good eye for detail and im energetic. any ideas?

i think waiting is the closest to what i want. especially bc there are restaurants right across the street so its takes two seconds to get there , and i know people working in them, as well as people in the district eating there.

I spend per month :

350$ on rent.
200$ on food.
50$ on gym.
50$ on buss pass.
200$ on misc.

I dont spend anything extra. I want to save minimum of 1,000$ a month. So I need take home of about 1,900$ after taxes. I know this will not be possible on minmum wage unless I work every day of the week , especially bc i probably will not get 10 hurs in the beginning.. I will work 7 days , and maybe once i start making tips I can have a day off... A friend of mine makles 1,000$ a week.

Thanks for your help:)


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  • If possible, get one job. But sometime it doesn't cut it with the hours they provide you.

    • yeah thats my concern. but do you think i should apply to many and tell them the hours i want and tasks the one who can offer closest to it, or if they can't give me then just take two or three?

      Thing is i can't put that im free from 10am-8pm on one then tell another i can work 10am -3 pm and another and 5 pm-10pm. Then have the first give me 12 pm - 7 pm. that would leave me unable to split the jpbbut also not be enough hours.

      I won't know what to tell them until i know what they can offer but they usually want you to tell them first. So i have to decide on the application with no information.

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