Stay at the party, or ditch... please read firsr?

Ok so... My boss is kinda my adopted parents for the last year (i know- pathetic)... I live 2 houses down.. I usually ditch the parties around now (started 2hrs ago)... Im an introvert.. But i get the vibe its weird (mayb cuz i dont say goodbye)... The girl i wanted to see didn't show (shes married anyway), and the closest person to my age is at least 10 years older... I drank, i mingled... The closest person i can and want to get a nye kiss from is 60 yo... But she's kinda hott ish (yes im drunk).. They aren't my family (but kinda)... What should i do? I want to just go, what would be acceptable?

  • stay till midnight, be polite... say goodbye
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  • stay till midnight... kiss the old broad... try to get laid
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  • say goodbye to everyone now
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  • just go... dont say goodbye
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  • Do what you are comfortable and happy with but I suggest A.


What Guys Said 1

  • I think option A seems the most courteous option

    • I forgot to add i got 0 sleep last night... Bit i already left anyway... But is it rude to just leave without saying goodbye? Even if nobody is there to see me? Its my boss's party. me and everyone there is only there cuz they are his friends...

    • You are okay - People don't really notice the comings and goings at parties