Have no friends... depressed! What to do?

I seem to have a very hard time making friends. In high school I was shy and quiet and hated. It seems whenever I am introduced to a new crowd of people I am hated. Its not a anxiety, people literally just do not like me what so ever. Im the nicest person I know. I notice that I am hated by women I do not know. I am told and im not being conceded but I am a pretty girl.. I don't know if women have jealousy but that what it seems like. Im so depressed I sit inside all day. At my jobs women hate me. Tey won't even get to know me. Maybe 2 out of 5 of the girls will like me. They dont even want to get to know me. Why am I disliked? Why is it so hard for me to make friends? I dont understand. I can't live like this anymore... what do I do?


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  • Girls do have a jelousy for other girls... Its normal, especially for pretty girls... Why do you feel hated? U should trybto make friends with the 2/5 girls that like you.. Just be yourself... Its really that easy... Except, mayb talk more than u normally do, and be more excited about things (even if it fake- just dont be blatent)


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  • Jealous cows maybe don't know, tell me more like how do they behave towards you and that

    • They stare at me and give me mean looks, if i talk to them they will just ignore me, they want nothing to do with me, when they talk to me its with a very rude attitude

    • Yes it is jealousy i know girls that do it to other girls

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