What is your hobby and are you good at it?

My hobby is dancing and I guess im good at it. I win a lot of competitions, and I win regionals every year. The only reason I win regionals is because there aren't many male dancers and I only compete against like 5 other people -_- Im sure if I was competing against 60 other people like in the girls comptetitions I wouldn't even be close to winning. Then the two times I did go to world championships I got like 20th out of 40. I dont think thats very good


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  • Wow first off, that's realllyyy cool that you dance!! Go you lol keep rocking it! That sounds pretty impressive to me bro!
    Anyways, I have a few hobbies. Horse training, fitness && nutrition, and writing novels. I'd consider myself good at these. Trained a baby horse this year that was deemed to difficult to train annddd anyone can ride him now, he's a gentleman. :D I've written 3 novels now but I'm too shy to share πŸ™ˆ

    • You should really share your novels on wattpad or something! :O
      I would read them c:
      And aww horses cx

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    • That's fair 😜 maybe one day I'll publish a book and have it dedicated to "the one guy on the internet that said he'd read this"

    • I would be honored *-*

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  • I play soccer and I am an average player


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  • Archery! 🏹 Intermediate level. Haven't entered myself in the archery club for quite a bit, but I go there on rare occasions to have a couple of shots

  • I draw and I guess I am decent at some drawings


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