What hobby is the most intriguing to you in a partner/potential partner?

Which of these would you rather have in your desired partner?

Bonus: Try to guess which one I do :P
Mine is probably the most boring, haha. I'd like to do at least one more of these, but I'm bad at decisions, and there are some other things holding me back. Maybe that can be my resolution for 2016! :D

  • Exotic plant care
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  • Competitive Smash Bros. / some other game, i. e. going to tournaments
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  • Fencing
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  • Hiking / Walking
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  • Rock climbing
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  • Dedication to a natural science, e. g. Geology, Biology, etc.
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  • I can't decide >.< / Results
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Most Helpful Guy

  • You probably do exotic plant care, lol but maybe try fencing

    • That wasn't the answer I was talking about in the question, but I guess it is correct. I'm in charge of the school greenhouse where I grow lots of succulents/carnivorous plants. Plus I have some carnies at home. I guess I didn't consider it enough to be considered as my hobby, possibly because they don't require much time at all.

      And yeah, fencing seems like a cool one to try :)

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    • Yeah it's probably a nice thrill and if you have a girl that can do that she probably isn't boring😊

    • Haha, yeah.

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  • Probably fencing, or maybe biology... I like rock climbing too... and of course - competitive gaming ;)

  • I was gonna pick Smash Bros, but Fencing is so much better.

  • Dancing walking and hiking