What's going on with Facebook?

My Facebook has been acting weird the past few days. I've been on it for 5 years this is the first time I ever liked stuff. I just like only 12 music and 18 community pages. Now it's only showing I have 3 likes in my music. I never unliked anything. It saying I did. I don't go on much. Then when I do back on to like it again it says I have liked too many pages and won't let me like anymore. Sometimes it pops up stupid pictures and asks me to identify a picture of a tiger or flowers or waterfalls or stupid crap like that before I can like more stuff. It's been doing this for the past few weeks. It's making me mad. I try refreshing it that doesn't help. I even delete the app and reinstall it but it don't work. What is wrong with it?


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  • It thinks you're a robot. It's just a security thing.


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