Guys, How do you get motivated to lift weights?

What keeps you going?

Is it just the female attention?


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  • I love the feeling of being sore... I love feeling like i can't even lift my arms... I done because it feels good to be strong... And it is something that will help you for years... With jobs, women, self confidence

  • Anytime I did weight training it was for myself and fitness reasons.

  • I don't lift for females. if I did I would have started maintenance, cause even though I'm not even that big, some girls have said that's I'm at the limit of what they find attractive. I lift to feel good about myself. I mean, what man doesn't like to feel strong?

    • What do you mean maintenance? And what do you mean the limit? You are bare minimum?

      How long did it take you to go from skinny to muscular?

    • Maintenance is when you eat just enough to maintain your body composition. You don't lose or gain weight (whether it's from muscle or fat). "Limit": some girls told me that my muscularity is at the top limit of what they find attractive (in other words if I got any more muscular they would no longer find me attractive).
      It took me 12 months (1 year) to go from 55 kg (120 lbs) to 70 Kg (155 lbs), but I also put on a bit of fat so i started cutting a couple months ago and now I currently weigh 150 lbs