Im so love sick?

i don't know but i have so good heart that i think about love every second. can someone make me stop? TIPS? :)


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  • love at 17 lol ahhh memories
    what you need too do is start getting some dick in you're life, you got plenty of time for love, you need someone too fuck the shit out of you

    • ehhh O. O im- im... i don't know what im gonna say to that...

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    • Girls typically can't do that without eventually falling in love. And why is it that you want there to be more sluts in the world? There already are too many.

    • @ThisDudeHere no I don't want more sluts men and women are already sluts but they don't admit it, I want them too admit it

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  • If you think about it all the time your gonna go insane! I like to watch love story! I don't really dream about them... Like I there make believe story! Its nice and it only happen to a few lucky apples!

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