[FOOD] Should I sacrifice quality Butter Chicken for Banana Pakora?

I'm about to order some Indian food and my favourite restaurant doesn't have banana pakora, whereas my least favourite one does but their butter chicken is god awful. Should I sacrifice the quality butter chicken (and naan) for banana pakora? Or should I just grab the quality butter chicken and go without the banana pakora?


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  • I'd just go for the butter chicken that you can enjoy at your favourite restaurant. Banana pakora? Never heard of that shit.

    • You are missing the fuck out! It's battered bananas, and is delicious as shit.


      Hard to find a photo that does them justice but these things are SOOO good, uhg. I guess i'll just order a few more samosas.

    • Hmm, Not the biggest fan of pakoras but I should probably try them out if you recommend them so much lol. Well, you could always go back to your least fave restaurant and order some pakoras from there or even learn to make them yourself, if you wish. Happy eating!

    • thanks for MHO

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