Does it matter how many times you open and close your laptop each day?


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  • The hinges will wear down with more use (like any other mechanism).

    That's why I rarely ever. turn off or reset my PC. Having metal and plastic parts going through constant temperature fluctuations, sounds like a recipe to wear down more quickly.

    • I turn it off once a day. I mean I will close it which puts it in sleep mode.

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    • The laptop constantly going hot and cold wears it down faster and lessens its shelf life

  • Unless you do it every 10 mins... I'd say it doesn't matter at all

    • If someone starts ranting about energy and other bullshit: it doesn't consume more or pushes more for the hardware than watching a YouTube video in HD...

  • The hinges will wear faster if you open and close it more often.

    • Never seen that problem ever. I've seen loose screws but that was on VeRy old computers.

      Those things don't really wear