Do you think how you word things is crucial?

Do you think how you word things, depending on the situation, makes all the difference with success or failure?

For example, I am 25 and am gonna be 26 next week and still have yet to be in a relationship. Even though I've dated plenty and am not a virgin, wouldn't it be better to say I've dated but nothing serious if asked about relationship history as opposed to saying I've never had a girlfriend which sounds negative?

Another one would be how I got fired from a job and am interviewing with others. Wouldn't it be better to say I left because it wasn't a good fit as opposed to I got fired, didn't meet quota, etc?


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  • Yes while both senerio's lead to the same end , dated but nothing serious does change the perception quite a bit

    • Yeah I mean truth be told, it isn't that there was no girl that wanted to date me. It's just the ones that did I wasn't into due to a lack of physical attraction or just flat out lack of connection, click, common interests.

    • It does seem like dating sites and tinder make the whole relationship aspect seem extinct though nowadays.

    • From what I gather these are for the most part hook up sites and have very little to do with relationship building

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