Short but important questionnaire for all young people on gag?

1- whats your biggest insecurity?
2- on a scale from 1-10 (1 being low) how high is your self esteem?
3- do you feel like you're "good enough"?
4- have or do you suffer from depression?
5- have you ever had an eating disorder?
6- that 3 things make you feel better when you feel insecure?


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  • ''biggest insecurity?''
    My social status. I feel just plain bad when talking to others because I'm ashamed of my situation. And also my looks overall. Both face and body.

    ''how high is your self esteem?
    About 5. It's not low but it's not high either.

    ''do you feel like you're "good enough"?''
    I kind of assume I'm just not.

    ''have or do you suffer from depression?''
    Despite everything, no I do not. Somehow.

    ''have you ever had an eating disorder?''

    ''that 3 things make you feel better when you feel insecure?''
    There are no such things. If I feel insecure I just think of something else until I forget I felt insecure.


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  • 1. I have insecurity about some of my facial features like my mouth and nose.
    2. I'd say it changes often but right now it's probably a 7.
    3. Sometimes yes, sometimes no but mostly yes.
    4. Yes, I do struggle with depression often.
    5. No
    6. Talking to loved ones, seeing a therapist and being around animals and nature.


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  • Not sure what you consider young, but...

    1. My looks
    2. 6
    3. Depends on what we're talking about.
    4. Yes, I have and do.
    5. No, I haven't.
    6. Exercise, taking a shower, and/or listening to music.

  • Hmm..
    1- my looks - like.. everything about my looks.. :/
    2- probably around 5-6 on a good day, 3-4 on an average day
    3- definitely not :(
    4- yes & no because it wasn't officially diagnosed as the therapist linked it to another disorder
    5- yes (filler)
    6- my friends :), meeting new people and notice they are reacting positively to me & beautiful clothes