What is atheist and how does it work with marriage or whatever they do?

Mike O is an atheist and I am wondering how they date
In life and how a marriage would work. How can it work
With a non believer and a believer of God. I mean I really
Want to learn about these and how can it all to him about it
I am interested in knowing more about. Because I rely like these
Guy a lot. I want to understand it more. Some of what they are saying
I get those but some of the other ones kind of confuse me.
So do the mostly just believe in science to tell them the truth.
I want to learn more about these.


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  • i consider myself to be an atheist but i´ve been raised christian. i appreciate the ceremonies behind it and when it comes to marriage and dating. i´d have no problem having a christian or whatever religions marriage if my girlfriend would like that.

    • These guy mike Otto I really really like him like him. He knows
      I like him he is okay with that I was a little surprised when I saw on his Facebook
      Was like shocked then I read about it I was intrigued about it. I don't know why?

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    • lol... seriously... like i just said. we are normal human beings. nothing special. there are assholes that won´t care for their women and some that are great in bed. you have that variety in every religion.

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  • I'm an atheist. I can try to answer whatever questions you have but obviously atheism is different for each person, the way each religious person would practice their religion in slightly different ways from another, like one Christian may go to church on Sundays to pray and another may do it at home every night, that kinda thing.

    I think that a relationship between a religious and a non-religious person can definitely work (it's obviously worked quite a lot in the past), but they both have to be mature enough to realise that they have different beliefs and they can't push them onto each other.

    As an atheist, I don't look at marriage as a religious thing or a declaration of my love before god. I look at marriage as a declaration of love in front of my family and friends and the people I love, and as a legal commitment to my relationship.

    • I feel bad being interested in these because I was a Jehovah witness but
      Some of the things in the bibl bothered me . I read a little bit a out atheists and it's
      Interesting. So do all atheists celberate Christmas or just some?

    • You shouldn't feel bad for being interested! It's always good to be open minded and learn about other people's beliefs as long as you're polite and respectful to each other, and I think that having some doubts about your own religion is always a smart thing. It's never good to simply trust what you're told, after all, so I don't think you should ever feel ashamed about something like that <3

      I think that the majority of atheists do celebrate Christmas because it's become somewhat of a cultural and capitalist celebration nowadays rather than a religious one. I know that I do celebrate Christmas, as do the majority of my friends. I'm aware that it's a religious holiday but I never really think of that at the time. I just see it as a day to give and receive gifts, spend time with all of my family and loved ones, and eat an amazing meal.

    • I really Like these guy mike O. A lot he is sweet and he always ask, me if I am, okay
      If I look upset , I mean there have guys I have been interested in and it never worked out
      I feel like I want to be around him more , he seems, to have a good heart and he just is, really, sweet.
      I am, trying to figure a, way to hang out with him. Because, one I, drive two my sister mainly as the car it's gets. Three I have know way of getting to know him better. I did tell him we, could, met up somewhere and do something like that. But how can that work when my mom and sister and my mom both work Saturdays. I feel something there th st I really haven't see in any of the rest of the, guys I was interested in

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  • an atheist is a person who doesn't believe in gods or other religious creatures. marriage would be a benefit in taxes and probably the sign of a solid relationship.

    there are also people like me who dont really know, called agnosticists.
    i believe in the evolution theory but who says that the big bang wasn't created by god.

  • I have a friend who believes in god, but isn't religious. He tried dating an atheist. It didn't work

    • Oh bummers. But it could work right , I am at least learning
      About it. He only one of my friends who as really been there
      For me mike Otto just seems, so sweet , when I get upset he
      Always asked if i am okay or what's, wrong. He as got the sweetest voice.
      I want to be around him , I just mostly talk to him through phone text and he
      Just makes me feel calm inside of me. Is these wrong to feel these way?

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    • Mike Otto and me both decided to wait and hang out before
      We decided if would go out as couple. I didn't want rush him
      Into it. Plus I want to get to know him better.

    • I was interested on other guys before him and compared to him he seems more dateable
      And He cares about my feelings. He makes me feel special
      I was scared when I found out about him being in an accident and I know that was awhile ago
      I never stopped thinking about him. Even though you guys and gals don't believe in prays still
      Prayed for him to recover and he did and made it out
      I know I don't have to be there but I want to because I care that much about him. I was worried I made poetry scrapbooks of poems I wrote about him. He is just special to me and he as been there for me too in ways , that he doesny have to ask if I am okay but he does. I guess I have feelings for him.

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