What goals do you have for 2016?

Here are some of my goals for 2016

-To get my teaching license. I just graduated from college last May, and I was forced to do an internship this past fall. Now, I need to officially get my license so I can get a legit teaching job.
-To lose my virginity (This has literally been my goal for the past 15 years).
-To stay more on the optimistic side, opposed to the pessimistic side of things.
-To do more things for entertainment purposes (my life has been work for the past five years or so).
-To become more independent (I haven't been able to, due to a complex college schedule every year).

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  • -To finally get this new business off the f*ing ground. I'm sick of it being on the drawing board.
    -To get back into long distance running, I miss the clarity it brings
    -To turn the garage into a study, work out room, and shop
    -To get a forge started again, and apply for my blade smith apprenticeship
    -To get away from my day job, and get more income from my companies.
    -Buy another motorcycle
    -Start building a few projects that I have been putting off (the electric car as an example)


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  • -To learn to love myself and shed my insecurity
    -To become a better nonfiction writer (I pretty much have fiction down but nonfiction... not so much)
    -Get my first job (I'll get my drivers licence next month so that should be easier)
    -Wake up earlier/go to sleep earlier so I actually have time to do my makeup in the morning and can focus on class instead of staying awake
    -Save money
    -Try a lot of new hair colors

  • Just to name a few...

    I would like to become more financially independent, which means finding a better job that offers me steadier hours. I'm tired of borrowing money from people all the time.

    I'm starting school January 11th and I would like to do well in my studies.

    I would like to devote more time to my jewelry-making and Etsy shop.

    I would like to read more during my down time, instead of watching so much TV

    I want to spend more time with my boyfriend and hopefully lose my virginity to him. (Though... I hate to consider that a goal... More something I'm hopeful about and really looking forward to)

    Finally, I would like to and need to focus more on my weight loss and getting healthy. I'm far from where I would like to be.

    • No problem! Thank you!

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  • hey dude, why has #2 not happened yet?
    Get on that dude. It's not that serious but, it's sex.
    Can change you for the better.

    I remember a friend of mine got into a relationship and wouldn't shut up about the sex, within two months she had lost 20lbs and was
    looking way better. Almost had me wondering why I wasn't the one being the reason for her transformation. But i'm more than occupied with
    the women of my life. If the sex is good anything goes. trust me. This is exactly why I've worked to become an amazing lay, wanted to give my girl everything.
    Truthfully this sucks for me as it takes me like 45 minutes to cum now.
    (look up ross aken mini course to get you there or make you even better ) Hope this helps someone if not OP with their 2016 goals (;

    • The reason I'm still a virgin is because I'm not wealthy, and women in our age group tend to solely want guys who are loaded.

      I'm trying to go after the women 30 years old and over; since their sex drive has hit their peak and they're less focused on money.

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    • just an excuse. you're the only one in your way.

    • @alexJV Not at all! I'm just fine.

      Have you met a majority of the women in our age range? They're stuck up, closed-minded, and materialistic.

  • -get better at job (going pretty well rn)
    -pass second semester of college
    -talk more
    -save money

  • To loose the freaking weight #abouttotrymybest