Minimum wage quitting your job story?

Has anyone ever worked a fast food or retail minimum wage job where eventually you had the freedom to quit? If you quit how did you do it, did you still do it the original way where you just put in your 2 weeks finish it and then leave or did you yell and swear at your manager or customers and stormed out immediately and never returned? Any funny stories?


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  • I have a good story! So I worked at Best Buy for about two months and he manager was telling me I had to work on Thanksgiving and that was something I didn't want to do because of many family members coming to meet me on that day! I told him that it was never going to happen and I stormed out of the store. He left me a voicemail saying you better work on Thanksgiving and if you aren't then call me back so I can fire you! He actually said that on my voicemail so now I am working on an incestigation with bestbuy to get him removed from the store because of his indecency for his employees! The proof of the voicemail is the greatest makes me laugh every time! Moral of story: don't say things you will regret while being recorded 😂😂😂