Do pets like music?

Do pets or animals in general like music? Do you have a pet that acts a certain way when music is played loudly?


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  • Considering my family listens to all different types of music, my dogs (both former ones and current ones) have been exposed to multiple genres. I am pretty sure they do not really understand music or they just plain don't care. I've never noticed a reaction, and they've heard everything from death metal to classic rock to country to rap to pop. They just wander around the same as always lol

    If they react to loud music, it is probably more so to do with the fact that there is a loud noise playing rather than the music itself. Loud noises (like explosion sounds or something in a movie) can scare dogs and animals just because it is loud and shocking for them.

    So my guess is that animals generally aren't really intelligent enough to process music and what they "like" or "not like." However, they may just not care.