I was with my friend and this is what happen?

So I went out with my girlfriend to festival. "friend" said if i want to met him so we met in pub with few of his friends. That friend kept joking me like I'm moron, how stupid I am and so on. I was so angry, but I didn't want to tell anything back I did little.

Then I was reading some poster on the right and he said that I'm looking like some kind of moron if he wouldn't know me.

What do you think, what should I do?



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  • Stop hanging out with him.

    • yeah I did :)

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    • yeah, but you know what when I said to my girlfriend what a douchebag he is, she didn't said anything I think she was also smiling at me :/ I'm not sure, but the guy "friend" kept talking

    • douchebag i said that after everything and she didn't said...

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