Do you have any tips?

im very interested in becoming a lifeguard for my summer job and I'm signing up for the class soon. Are there any tips you can give me? Is there anything I need to do beforehand? What's it like being a lifeguard?

Can you tell me anything about saving people? I know I'm going to learn about how exactly to save, I'm just interested in knowing how you handle it.

What do you do when people talk to you? What do they talk about? Your not supposed to look away from the pool, so how do you go about the interaction the person or kid is trying to do?


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  • Make sure you're a strong swimmer, and strong in general you need to be able to save people even possibly and adult double your size. It's important that you know how to swim on your back too I would say and you can talk to people, but just make sure you keep your eye on others!