On Facebook, is the following true or false (see statement below) ?

"When you still have a message history with that person, and their name shows up in black instead of a link, they have blocked you. If it shows up as facebook user, they have deleted their profile."

Because I see someone's name coming up in black in my message history.


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  • Yes it is true. You have been blocked by that person. And if you find the link to their profile it will say "content unavailable". But if you have another facebook account, yiu can still access the public information.

    • Huh, now I have to figure out why. I don't remember saying anything wrong

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    • Yeah, that's probably the best course of action. Thanks for the advice.

    • unless you create a fake account, friend that person and go ask why you got blocked, but that will lead you no where. It will only increase the hate towards you.