I feel like I've reach the breaking point with girls?

I just can't deal with the constant teasing and then the girls I genuinely like say "I like you just as a friend". I feel like it's just pointless to even try. I probably won't get much girls but if a girl likes me just go out and say it because I'm never going to go after a girl. If they want me then you're gonna have to chase me. Have you ever reached that point? Girls too so people don't think I'm sexist lol.

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  • Chill bro, you are under 18 you hav literally like 75% of your life left to give up.

    • I know that but it gets so frustrating and my parents just divorced so I have a lot of anger. I'm about to be 17 in March

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    • Then take a break, and then get back on the horse.

    • Or just wait, why chase? I no longer chase people unless I truly like them (never happened YET).

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