Have you ever thought of ideas that GaG could add on to the site?

I always wanted to save some MyTakes or Questions or even responses from other users that I liked or found amusing. Kind of like a favourites tab.

I had another one but it totally slipped my mind. I'll update if it comes back.


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  • So there's this one girl on this site that has me blocked which I'm not sure why since we've never come to blows but she makes interesting questions a lot and I tend not to look at the username when I read questions so I end up going into the question and writing long thought out questions and then when I hit post it says I'm blocked. So I'd prefer it if this site didn't show you the stuff by those that have you blocked since I keep doing this. It's a huge waste of time writing out huge answers to stuff and then realizing you can't even post.

    It'd be really ironic if I post this and it says I'm blocked...


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  • I think these five things are the most important
    1. Ability to edit or delete Question/Answer/Opinion Comment/MyTake (time limited).
    2. Fan Groups for certain things (music, movies, video games, books etc).
    3. Profile Song or Video, something like a personal soundtrack.
    4. More options for polls (10-12) - there are 12 months in a year.
    5. Ability to invite your followers to answer your question, or comment on your MyTake.


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  • no big ideas but lots of small stuff that would make it more enjoyable for me

    - GAG app (but please with less bugs than the website lol)
    - A verification system for users
    - additional filters to search for questions and users
    - chat groups
    - possibility to add comments when reporting stuff
    - more customization options for your profile
    - BBCode or other ways to format your text in questions or comments
    - (limited) edit function and possibility to delete your pics from GAG servers
    - less bugs
    - etc.

  • I would like to pick two MHO's, which is already there
    but a third one, because sometimes it applies :c

  • I want the follow feature brought back as well as a way to organize the questions takes I choose to follow.

    Definitely a better search engine to look through past questions because the current one is awful.

    Maybe group chat feature and more options to customize profiles.

    also please change the master emblem from pis yellow to something like purple.

    • Oh I'd also like to be able to see my most downvoted opinions, that would be fun.

    • Oh wow those are really great ideas. Yeah! A group chat is what I was thinking too.
      And Looooool "Most downvoted opinion of the year/week/month/OF ALL TIME"

  • Yes we can add more pics in our profile and add youtube videos. And we can have our own songs in our profiles like we did on MySpace

    • Lmao GaG is gonna become MyGag or GaGSpace or GaGBook 😂

    • Well thats good then, it would bring more fun to the site and we could have more profile visits with a spiced up profile

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