What is the meaning of it all? Everything seems rather meaningless?

We are just a blip, a.0000000006% in a 14 billion year lfiecycle, however miniscule or large you want to make it. What is the purpose? Tonight I witnessed the most horrific thing I've ever seen in my life, and I realized something.

What is the point of consciousness? We are nothing but animals. People are disgusting, selfish beings. Its mindblowing how people can just throw away causality, thought processes, rational thinking, laws, in the face of personal gain and satisfaction.

To what end? To what end is it all?

(this is not a suicide topic)

I am simply disgusted with the state of what I have seen, what I have experienced. What is the worth in it all.

If god exists, this is an accurate depiction of the agony I am in and the world, even if it doesn't speak it.



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  • Do you really want discussion or do you just want to vent? Do you want to discuss existential dread or whatever it is that you witnessed?

    • all of the above honestly.

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  • There is no purpose. I always say that life is a mandala. Beautiful and complex for the briefest of moments and then returns to the random chaos from whence it came.

  • Beats me. Want some gum?

  • I feel this should be the start of your book, title: 'So, you've just discovered you're a nihilist' :D

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