How do I know if I have a crush?

As the title says, how do I know if I have a crush? And how can I tell if I'm in love?
I'm still 14, and I don't know about these stuff.


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  • Trust me. You'll know it when it happens :)

    • It's hard to explain. For me I tend to think a lot about the person, and wanting to talk/text with him all the time. Butterflies when seeing him/talking to him.

    • Haha, I guess that happens to me most of the time when I'm with this person.

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  • A crush just means you like someone.. Like if you think about them randomly, and would like to go on dates, your crushing... I know im in love when we break up and it feels like my heart is physically hurt..

    • But I randomly think of anyone in any situation, like how are they doing, or if they thinking of how I'm doing as well. And I never thought about going on dates before.

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    • Not really.. The one u think about most while you mastubate is your biggest crush... UNLESS there is a girl you dont think about when you jo, but just think about spending time with... Its crazy.. But u will undestand over the next 15 years...

    • Haha alright. Thanks for the opinion.

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  • Ahhhhhh young love
    Well... Love feels different to different people, but I think you'd be able to tell pretty easily.
    1) do you want to talk to them/be with them all the time?
    2) do you see random things that you think that they'd like?
    3) do you get all nervous or embarrassed around them?

    • 1) Well I usually don't like talking to people all that much
      2) I dunno, never thought about it much
      3) I get nervous and embarrassed with a bunch (nearly) all the people near with

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