What would you do if you could swap gender for 1 day?

You have one day to be the opposite sex; apart from the obvious immediate exploration of your new bits and bobs, what would you do?


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  • pee everywhere

    • Girls have a weird obsession with peeing I find

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    • I use to watch my ex boyfriend pee in the morning he once got two streams it was the most adorable funniest thing i ever seen

    • I'll keep that in mind ^^

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  • Pick a fight with a random dude and then when he tries to defend himself watch in glee as a mob of complete strangers "defends" me and beats the poor man half to death on my behalf.

    • Bit harsh and unfortunately kinda true :/

    • Then when I'm alone with a dude I'll pepper spray him kick him in the nuts and restrain him and then call the cops and say he attempted to rape me. It's his word against mine. And to anyone else it would look no different from any other attempted rape ever.

    • Also... Harsh, but unfortunately very easy to do...

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  • Hmmm, if it was only 1 day, assuming no-one knows it's me...
    Poke my boobs
    Fuck loads of guys
    Do what the other anon guy said about the fights