How would you prefer your time off?

  • work every day of every week for 11 months.. then get 1 month off work for everyday
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  • work 5 days a week, for every week of the year
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What Girls Said 1

  • Work 5 days a week. I go to the gym after work, then I usually look forward to the weekend to chill out , catch up with friends etc... I'd hate to have no time for myself at all on weekends. I work to live not live to work 😂😂

    Working only 5 days will be a luxury, because I usually work 6 days a week now 😊😄

    • Lol... Ya its my boss's decision to work like this... Thats funny cuz i think the same thing, i work to live not live to work.. I havw been going crazy out of boredom for like a week now... I think im gonna start looking for a different job tommorrow...

    • The first week off would be awesome , but I'd get bored being off work for a month All my friends work so I wouldn't be able to visit them, and there's only so much housework that needs to be done. Lol!

      I'd probably spend more time on GaG collecting as many xper points as possible. I'd be a Master within a month haha

What Guys Said 2

  • Tough call but I think B - You would be exhausted after a month of A - I have worked a few 7 day weeks and they are killers

  • None of the above. I am my own boss and I take off anytime i want