She wants to hang out with me but I'm too awkward? Is this normal?

I was rejected by my friend and I said that I respect her decision. I also said that we should hang out more and that I don't wanna lose her. Anyways I took sometime off after she rejected me. I was quite suprised with how I handled everything so well. But then when I was at a party with another friend, I started making rude comments about her. I didn't wish her on Christmas but she did. She also said that she misses me and we should hang out. I gave her suggestion and she agreed with it. But since then I haven't followed up on our suggestion of hanging out. I feel too awkward to talk to her. I still have feelings for her and it hurts so much. She feels its too early for a relationship and we should give it time. She also said that she isn't in good space with herself. With me I feel too awkward with her and I feel that I'm gonna waste my time if I let her hang out with me. Is it normal to feel this way? I made a promise to hang out with her more but now my emotions are taking over and saying no.


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  • Follow up then.


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