Is it true that if parents favour one child over the other at age 20 they will likely do so their whole life?

Beacuse that's what it's starting to feel like


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  • Some parents do, not all. And usually, parents tend to favour female children over male ones.

    • No between two female children.

      Also ha ha hah aha ha aha haa h (sorry). Parents usually favour male children over female. It's almost sad the extent to which they love that they have a son and the girl is like something that they just had and didn't have much control over.

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    • Oops! That's nasty! I'm really sorry that you had to go through that. If he actually hit you, consider reporting him for physical assault or something.

      I only have a younger brother (no sisters), but even among my relatives and friends, parents have usually favoured their daughters over their sons.

    • He pushed me with full force, and at times pulled my hair and thrown a basket on top of my head, (luckily I didn't get injured on my head).

      I considered reporting him, but thought better of it. People always find a way to talk shit about the girl

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  • lol. yes. either accept it and move on, or spend the rest of your days feeling a shit-ton of resentment.

    • The thing is... this all started when she went to a better University than I did, (even though I'm the one who got in and declined it because she made me believe it wasn't worth it. Bitch).

      It's almost like i feel getting into a good school for grad will make them love me again.

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    • well not SOON. you know what i mean.

    • It's also unfair that her manipulation worked and I didn't get to go to that school... it's hard because it was my dream school and I'm sometimes called 'jealous,' when I was like... buddy do you want to take five seconds to think of this. Someone works hard for something and they don't get to go do you know how painful that is.

      I do agree with your point about them dying soon. I think at this point there is nothing positive about our relationship and it will likely result in them dying without things resolved between us