What would your rather do pop pills or smoke weed?

As far as health goes would you rather pop a pill or use weed products. Let me give you some background no one has ever OD on weed ever it's impossible you would have to eat your body weight in weed for it to kill you and you'll pass out or before you could OD. Now let's look at pill at the end of commercials for pills you always here about bad side affects that could happen like depression stroke heart failure for like a sleep pill ok I can get some sleep form taking a pill that could kill me or smoke a bowl which can't kill me and go to sleep. Weed is dryed out left in a dark room for a few days and then smoked pill are coming from China Thailand and other country's where they could be using bad stuff you also get a synthetic version of somthing that nature but in pill form it's fake you can also OD on pills if you have to much. For me the choice Is pretty clear I'd rather smoke weed and not have nagitive side affects and not die I will never take a pill ever no even Advil or IVProfin I think I spelled that wrong but yea.

O and before you say pot smokers are stupid I have a question are any of these people stupid
Carl Sagan
bill gates
Ben Franklin
thoumas jefferson
george Washington
Bill Clinton
oprah Winfrey
And Barack Obama

ps personally I'm bad at spelling


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  • i've heard of people having some crazy side effects due to weed. you are deluding yourself if you think weed is always going to be a walk in the park. i had a friend who experienced intense paranoia for about 4 days. can you imagine that? IT SUCKS.


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  • I like the way you justify weed before the judgmental, sheltered idiots can open their mouth to criticize it. For me it depends what the problem is, weed is probably more beneficial from a psychological point of view, you're less likely to be neurotic about your problems/symptoms so they will seem a lot better, doctors admit that a patient's mindset does have an impact on their prognosis. I don't have a problem with standard everyday medicine though, the compounds in the pills you take are more likely to actually tackle the problem, whatever it is, they put all the side effect on their more due to legal obligations than likelihood you'll experience them.
    If I was using dope for purely medical reasons I wouldn't smoke it, I'd vape it or make edibles.


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  • Why not pop a pill of weed? =D It comes in many forms.

  • Neither.

    I'm not going to smoke and I can't swallow pills.

  • Well smoking can cause cancer so that's not great.. How about some hash cake? :') (I s'pose obesity's also a thing.. But just a little bit of hash cake would be okay right? )

    • That works pretty much it's weed vs pill eating smoke smoking is the most common way people use it so I just said smoke

    • I think a main issue with weed though is 'cause it's illegal it's not regulated like the kinda pills I assume you're talking about are. If it were legalised it'd definitely be a safer drug than say, alcohol, without a doubt. It's still psychologically addictive and can cause issues of course though. I have a friend who smoked weed for a long time and it was really hard for him to stop when he decided he wanted to.
      I think it should be legal for other reasons too though; like hemp paper would be way more environmentally friendly than the paper we use now, for example. It can be used for all kinds of things as well as as a drug

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