How do you feel about military use of government assistance for food?

I've seen a lot of military use government assistance for food and for their children. I never really thought this was too much of an issue, because the pay of E-4 (including bah) and below just isn't that much, especially if you are trying to raise a family. Depending on the area that you live in, that can deplete your account even further.

Do you think it is okay for military to apply for food cards other government aids?

Please explain why you feel the way you do.


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  • I think its OK. It goes by income not what your job is. They couldn't restrict it by job because it would be discrimination

  • I feel that it is very wrong that people working for our government and going to war to protect the United States, should HAVE TO use government assistance for food or for their children. I apologize for my part in this and for the United States of which I am a part.

    • Thank you, that means a lot to me. I've been very embarrassed, because of the negative view that comes along with using assistance... At this point, I don't really have a choice, but to swallow my pride.

    • You deserve EVERY CENT and MORE of that assistance. Feel NO shame. The shame is entirely upon the U. S. Government, and by extension, every voting citizen of the U. S. I urge you to support Bernie Sanders , who would work to address these injustices. Look at his proposals, not at the Republican spin-doctors lies, and you will see that he has plans to make our society more equitable.

      Good luck!

  • If your willing to die to protect my country you sould be able to get all the assistance you need


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