Man, don't you just love being a scumbag male?

There's nothing like a fresh cup of privilege in the morning, amirite?

I doubt there is a better way to start the day than backhanding all the women in your house just because they didn't put the EXACT amount of mayo in your sandwich that you like. Pesky, inferior women. Can't even get sandwiches right *shakes head and chuckles*.

The best part of being a , man is establishing dominance on crowded transport vehicles. Spreading your hairy legs for all the betas and bitches to see your hairy, droopy, saggy scrotum. Keeps those lesser creatures in check, I'll tell ya. Most effective when you still have some smegma on your foreskin from fucking all the passengers on the bus' mums.


La créme de la créme of being male is playing mind games on EVERY woman ALL the time. Also being shallow, rude, cold, all those negative personality traits. It keeps those bitches busy like it was sandwich day. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Anyway, just wanted to give y'all a peak into the life of the ultimate alpha male. *manspreads* *cheesy smegma smacks you in the nose* ;)

  • I'm a beta or a bitch so my vote doesn't count like a true alpha's vote does
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  • I'm alpha and yeah, these inferior monkeys ain't shit *fist bump with dicks*
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  • I'm alpha but I'm kind to the betas and bitches. They don't know what's good for them.
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What Girls Said 1

  • ya. my vote doesn't count, so I didn't:)

    • Hey, a woman got something right!

      Who's a good inferior bitch? Who's a good inferior bitch? *throws purse filled with shoes and money at your snarling dog-like self*

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    • Lol, it's like watching a dog chase it's own tail.

      *throws a coin shaped chocolate treat* You like that don't you, you greedy jew?

    • Well, i'm not Jewish, but I am female, so I guess that makes me a goldigger:)

What Guys Said 3

  • if my girl doesn't have a beer a sandwich and is on all 4's when i get home from work i beat her ass right there there on the spot

  • Wtf... U made me think of this video.

  • Filthy Frank would like a word with you regarding a job role.