How petty is she?

I messaged this girl who I deleted from facebook very sweetly. Mostly because I just wanted to make nice as everything is over.

She saw it immediately and didn't reply.

lol how old is she? Some people reply out of courtesy if nothing else


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  • She has no obligation to respond, you're the one who deleted her off of Facebook.

    • Maybe, but if someone wishes you a happy new year and sends you a link with a smiley face, the decent thing to do is wish them back.

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    • I meant someone I had a conflict with... I didn't specify you or her.

      It's better if you move on, just focus on the people who you're actually happy around.

    • The thing is.. now I feel that same sense of humiliation when she used to behave the way she used to. Sort of like behaving as though I don't understand how to interact with people or don't have anything else to do.

      Seriously what a bitch. I can't believe I thought this was a good idea.

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  • I don't understand how that is petty
    She is trying to avoid potential drama
    Replying to you would only make it go back and forth

    • Hmm... all I said was happy new year with a link to something sweet. No confrontation or anything

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    • A guy messaged me on Facebook happy new years
      I did not reply back because I want nothing to do with him

      I unfriendly him 2 days before

    • So why check it at all, (she checked it immediately).

      That guy got unfriended and he still messaged you? Wow.

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  • I didn't understand anything. Are you trying to be troll or are you get high?

    • Um... I don't think you understood my question

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  • dunno what your question is really.

  • Maybe petty.

    But then she also just might not care about the situation or can't be bothered to reply. I do that myself at times for those two reasons.

    • I have a hard time believing that. She's the one who had told me she wanted to keep in touch.

    • I don't know I'd say maybe she's either mad, and will get back to you later on (like most petty people would do) or feelings changed.

    • Probably the latter. It's been so long, I barely remember her or vice versa.

      I thought she'd have matured. Guess not.