Should I make 2 trips to school tomorrow by bus or should I stay at school the entire day? details below?

So tomorrow I am going to the bookstore to grab my textbooks for class but I have a problem: the weather report says that tomorrow will be about 12 - 13 degrees colder then today but if I don't bus home tomorrow in the middle of the school day I might have to bring my lap top to school with me in the morning so that I can use it for class later on and I am worried my lap top will get stolen because our school has a rule that you can't bring lap tops into the bookstore with you when you are shopping for textbooks. Should I leave my belongings unattended for a short while while I shop in the bookstore for my textbooks or should I make two trips to school tomorrow when the weather report says it will be 10 - 14 degrees colder tomorrow then it is today?

  • Make 2 trips to school so your lap top does not get stolen
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  • Make 1 trip to school and risk losing your lap top
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  • I had to do it all the time... It should be ok... Just get your books really quickly and keep checking your backpack is still there.. But my public transpo driver was an ass, he would not show up on purpose and leave u places... so if u can trust your driver, either way will work... I just think its better to not risk things like school..


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  • You always complain about not having money and then want to waste money by making extra trips you don't need. No one is going to steal your laptop as long as you don't have it sitting out in the open blatantly screaming STEAL ME. Just keep it in your backpack and no one will even notice it.

    Even assuming your school bookstore doesn't have cubbies for you to put your bag in, you can still ask the desk to hold it for you.

  • Honestly I would not trust my laptop unattended so I say two trips. Just make sure you bundle up!

  • Ask if you can bring it into the bookstore on behalf of the weather conditions.
    it never hurts to try

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