Is it true that people run away from jobless people?

Kind of like thinking they have nothing better to do but sit down and chat.

Not unemployed, but just people who are lost, not doing school or working... you know.


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  • Not everyone does.. Its rude to toss them away just because they have no job and they need converstaion

    • No I mean... like people who are confused of what to do with their life

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    • I was sitting at home for a year (or two) not because I was dumb but because I suffered some kind of breakdown... most of my friends ditched me and were cruel, completely to me.

    • Well shame on them. You now know who your true friends are the ones that stick with you and the ones that leave you

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  • Not run away, relationship wise most people look for people who do infact have a job to begin with, it also says a lot of people and the person they are, if they just lost their job, thats unfortunate if they don't want to get one, no motivation and or lazy etc. It's nice to sit down and chat but there's more things to keep you busy.

    • It's sort of like... I think they would happily spend the same amount of time with someone who had a job, and wouldn't spend a second on someone who didn't have a job. I don't get it but I've noticed it a lot

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  • I don't know about jobless, but I've seen quite a few people ignore homeless people myself included. I've worked in shelters and know they can get food and a bed to sleep in if they show up early enough in the day. I have mixed feelings about giving out money since I don't know if I'm supporting someone's habit of drinking alcohol, smoking or some other vice.

    • You know even for those people, I feel as though people judge them too harshly (like the smokers).

      There was a guy begging for money, and someone didn't give because he smoked.

      I agree you shouldn't really fund those type of habits, but it isn't fair to judge him either. He's obviously got enough problems and may have had some kind of terrible tragedy in his life for him to result to smoking and drinking when he's homeless to begins ith.

      Most normal people would not turn to those things when/if they were homeless

    • Next time I do an event to help feed the homeless, I think I'm going to ask some of the people I meet if they themselves or if they know of someone who looks for handouts and ask why. I'd really like to understand little more about the problems they're facing and why they need the extra money if there are shelters available to help them out.

    • I agree, I think if you do this in a way that's sensitive, it would be very interesting to see responses.

      Honestly, I know speaking from experience being a good student and a hard worker, I was this close to turning to things like drinking (I did't and have never actually touched alcohol in my life to date), because I felt so broken as a person. I am very glad that I was able to retain my strength and not indulge in that.

      However, homeless people... I can't even imagine what it's like to not have a house on top of my head, it's a different life altogether. I can understand it would be ten times harder to draw motivation in a situation like that.

  • It's either because they are scared of being robbed... or intentionally evil to other people.

    The latter of which is quite disgusting.

  • I gravitate towards them. lmao


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